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Par TATIANA COLLINET, publié le mercredi 17 mai 2023 11:08 - Mis à jour le mercredi 17 mai 2023 11:49
Mardi 16 Mai, British Day

This new edition of the British day "This is London" was a great success!

We welcomed the primary school pupils from Corronsac and Villenouvelle with pleasure.

Pupils from Ayguesvives in 6e helped, participated in singing class, they discovered London and its monuments, they even built a telephone booth (it will be used as a book shelf), they did magic and translated latin spells from Harry Potter, they played cricket!

They ate a British meal at the school restaurant: coleslaw, fish and chips and pudding!

With the participation of Mrs Allegro, Boissière, Gardelle, Pallueau and Mr Vignau for the English team.

With the help of Mrs Gatuthier and Aurelia (sport- cricket) Mrs Laurent (technology- telephone booth) Mrs Mur (latin - magic spells), Mrs Zucchetto (music- the Beattles)

See you all next year, in Black and white :)